Marilyn Monroe 50th Anniversary Mosaic!

Marilyn Monroe’s 50th Anniversary is just around the corner and fans all around the world will have the opportunity to be apart of it! FanMosaic is creating an exclusive collectible poster of Marilyn Monroe compiled of images of Marilyn fans from around the globe. Simply visit FanMosaic and upload your photo for free! Then, purchase the limited edition poster and show your friends and family your image!

5 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe 50th Anniversary Mosaic!

  1. I will love you forever, no matter what. I just want u happy and not sad.
    Just say you hate me, and I will stop posting promise. I don’t want to be considered something I am not.

    Cordially yours!
    Max Pierre Nicolas..

  2. AW! she is so beautiful ! Marilyn you are my role model! You are just the way i want to be in life! such a positive attitude and very out going!!!

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