6 thoughts on “Photo of the Week

  1. I have no idea why, but I feel tremendous grief whenever I read about her or see her images and movies. Today is the 50th anniversary of her death and I am feeling this stronger than ever. I have never been obsessed with her or anything, I just feel this grief when I look at her.

  2. Marilyn, you will always be a beautiful and unique creature who died too young. You will forever shine in our hearts, your star shines bright for ever more. Bless you Norma Jean.

  3. When I see her images, then some of these make me feel sorrow for her, yet also she was a unique and beautiful woman, with a mysterious air about her. In a way she does live on in her movies, and we can always remember her from these. May she always rest in peace. Also some of the things she said were really inspired and then inspirational for others.

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