16 thoughts on “Photo of the Week

  1. She looked like a woman should look,with curves in all the right places,there will never be another star like her,she is my favourite actress of all time,and now my 8 year old grand daughter has seen a couple of her films and thinks she is wonderful!

  2. Marilyn was a truly wonderous and powerful fun loving human being.She achieved the impossible in her very short life.No one ever believed in her or gave her any chance except her own shear belief in herself.She is our Goddess of talent and timeless beauty and will live on in legend.She will be well loved for all time.
    God bless you Marilyn,you will always live in on in all our hearts,forever!!
    We all die in this life,only to ressurrect and gather together in the next!

    Love you always,


  3. hi marliyn it’s been 60 years after your death and people still want to know like i told the three rivers press i wish you were still here to see the changes in hollywood and give advice to young actress and people thinking of acting like me i’ve read about you and noticed the pictures you look great every day i think people will rember forever

  4. Я впервые вижу такую красивую девицу. Мерлин Монро очень красивая, ее глаза, губы и эта родинка на лицу безумно красиво.
    I’ve never seen such a beautiful girl. Marilyn Monroe is very beautiful, her eyes, lips, and this mole on the face insanely beautiful.

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