7 thoughts on “Marilyn – Nights + Sleep

    • I think any woman identifies with Marilyn (aka Norma Jean Baker) but the one who really idolized her was the late Anna Nicole Smith. I’d rather want to remember her life, not her death. Favorite film? A tie between Some Like it hot, RIver of No Return, and probably the Seven Year Itch. I hope she has found peace wherever she is.
      Hmmm, make that :)

  1. Hard to believe it’s been 50 years since she left us. The first time I heard about her is how she was found on that hot August summer night. Yet why are we remembering her so many years later? Maybe to make up for the recognition she most wanted and didn’t get. And to think she was a trailblazer for other women to follow. (takes guts to buck the system). Perhaps there will be a film that tackles the public and private and celebrates both. And I agree she had a marvelous voice and had an enduring love fair with the camera. Happy birthday Lady of the platinum tresses.

  2. Oh my favorite Marilyn films? Some Like it Hot, The River of No Return. (especially Down in the Meadow). Oh yeah and the Seven Year Itch ( lots of controversy about the skirt blowing scene).

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