12 thoughts on “Photo of the Week

  1. I was not born when she was around but she was such a great performer,better than most of today’s actresses.not to mention how sexy she was.Love her always

  2. She was a very talented actress. She is unique and different. She had such an amazing style . CHARISMATIC. No one can be Like Her. LOVE YOU , Marilyn ! RIP

  3. ILuv Marilyn Monroe. Even Though She Is Dead, She Is Still My Most Favoritee Celebrity. No Onee Could Ever B Likee Her. Her Quotes Are Thuh Best Onees Anyonee Could Ever Think Of Cause They Were All Tru. Nd This Is My FAVORITEE Photo Of Her:))

    • She is NOT dead she is alive in all of us even 50 years after her body is passed
      and even i a 35 year old knows who is the impossibly most sey women of all time and she lives in my heart and soul

      I cannot think of her as dead

  4. hello i am 15 yrs old and marilyn monroe is the most wonderful celebrtity in the world even though she is dead

  5. Trully an icon of a generation she was and , well is ! Just as other greats such as Elvis .. These wonderous celebrities have touched the hearts of so many ! :-] And “hopefully” , for many to come !

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