3 thoughts on “Photo of the Week

  1. We have welcomed Marilyn back to Palm Springs in the form of Seward Johnson’s iconic sculpture – I hope you will be happy with how this piece is helping local residents rediscover her connection to our city.

  2. Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1st 1926 and one of the American Actress from The Fabulous Fifties & The Swinging Sixties
    with her famous films including The Misfits,Monkey Business,Don’t Bother to Knock,How To Marry A Millionaire,The Prince & The Showgirl,Bus Stop,Seven Year Itch,Some Like It Hot,Let’s Make Love and The Fireball.

    Sadly on Sunday August 5th 1962 when Marilyn Monroe passed away at the age of 36 years and I won’t forget the wonderful Hollywood American Actress icon from The Fabulous Fifties & The Swinging Sixites is the late Marilyn Monroe.

    Terry Christie,
    From Sunderland,Tyne & Wear,England

    • I wish Marilyn Monroe hadn’t died. If she hadn’t, I would have made it a point in my 13 year old life, to get over there, and give her a hug.

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