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This week we have added a bonus: Marilyn Trivia!

Which of the following names was not one of Marilyn Monroe’s dogs?
a) Tipsy
b) Roxbury
c) Mafia Honey
d) Muggsie


7 thoughts on “Photo of the Week

    • C is not the correct answer. Marilyn Monroe had a dog named Mafia Honey (nicknamed “Maf”). The dog was a present from Frank Sinatra. Don’t believe it, read “The Marilyn Monroe Treasures” by Jenna Glatzer or “The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and his Friend Marilyn Monroe” by Andrew O’Hagan.

  1. The correct answerS are both A and B. Marilyn had a dog named Tippy but not Tipsy. She also never had a dog named Roxbury.

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