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We all know Hollywood is buzzing with Marilyn fever, but a recent New York Times article shed the light on other avenues soaking in the Marilyn spotlight.

In the coming months, the public is going to see Marilyn Monroe everywhere they look. The icon’s likelihood is going to be gracing book covers, beauty lines, movie screens, high-end fashion collections as well as inspiring the hit NBC drama Smash. Marilyn’s recent fanfare can credited in great part to the New York based Authentic Brands Group, who acquired exclusive rights to Monroe’s likeness, image and estate in December. The firm is diligent about reconnecting the public with Marilyn’s glamour and elegance.

The New York Times has curated a great multimedia collection of Marilyn’s life and the Hollywood starlets who emulate her.

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  1. Due to the fact MM left us 50 years ago, is she being acknowledge at the Academy Awards this year? I would be a nice thing to do.

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