Vanessa Paradis Inspired by Marilyn Monroe

VANESSA PARADIS cites Marilyn Monroe as one of her all-time life inspirations. The actress – who is currently promoting her latest film, Café de Flore – is known for being one of France’s treasured exports, but her success doesn’t stop her from having her own personal heroes.


“When I was really young, I think I was six years old, I found this book on my parents’ book shelf and it was these pictures, I hadn’t seen movies of her – and I got really mesmerised by this beautiful deep soul,” she told W. “And then I started to see the movies and listen to the records and I listened to her singing. And we never speak of how great a singer she was. She had an amazing voice. Everyone always talked about her beauty, her dramatic life. She had an amazing jazz voice. She was the one for me and she still is.”

2 thoughts on “Vanessa Paradis Inspired by Marilyn Monroe

  1. I agree!!!!! The first time I ever saw a picture of her I was drawn to her, and after reading about her and listening to recordings of her speak about life I am drawn to her as the person she was inside and see her for everything other people overlooked about her. Shes my idol and I wish I had the amazing pleasure to of met her in real life, maybe one day in the after life I will.

  2. I absolutely agree. She had a marvellous voice. She was a completely artist, she was a good singer, dancer and actress. I love her humour, she was sharp. I love her films and I think she was able to do better films if she had had the chance. Her life was full of difficulties. She was a fighter but at the same time she was fragile. I’m 40 years old and I began taking interest of her life and films last year when I saw the documental Marilyn’s last sessions based on the novel by Michel Schneider. Magnific.
    She had a successful career but a tragic life. I love her in her comic scenes. I love when she sings too. She was so sexy… I love the way she moves, the way she walks, the way she speaks… She is an icon. I love to watch her films in O. V., not translated to castellano. Her life was very intense. A lot of books and documentals and movies had been made about her.

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